At METAL AND STONE we maintain an in-house stock of rare precious and semi-precious gemstones for you to choose from, catering to all colour preferences, size & shape requirements and budgets. Aside from the more usual precious gemstones used in jewellery such as diamond, emerald, ruby and blue sapphire, and less often used stones such as fire opal and tanzanite, we include stones too rare to be used in conventional mass production. For example our range of sapphires include,white, pink, yellow, green and purple stones, as well as the rare and exciting colour change sapphire, which is one colour in artificial light and another in natural daylight, allowing for more individual pieces to be made especially for you. Surprisingly these pieces of bespoke jewellery are often far less expensive than one would expect, often costing less than the mass produced jewellery found in most high street jewellers! A good example would be tsavorite or green garnet, which has the look of very fine quality emerald, but is much less prone to damage and is only a fraction of the price of comparable emerald even though it is far more rare. We also carry a wide variety of semi-precious stones including garnet, citrine, amethyst, topaz, iolite and many others. So if you wanted an engagement ring like no one elses, we would be delighted to create one for you!
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